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. . Ahilya

The Marriage of Shantanu and Ganga

Devayani and Sharmishtha

Banasura and Krishna


Daksha Prajapati

Kacha and Devyani

The story of Upmanyu

The Story Of Ved

Stopping of Snake-Yajna

Birth of Vyas

Dushyanta weds Shakuntala

The Birth of Bharat


 Indian Mythology

Myths are more than just tales that entertain. They are surrealistic representations of the verities of a culture. Myths transcend the senses and permeate sensibility, conditioning moral and emotive reflexes. Indian mythology is one of the richest in the world, comprising Hindu, Buddhist and Jain myths. In expanse and depth, it is an ocean. Since we are a little short of lifeguards, we think it prudent to bring you this ocean of stories in tiny instalments. But rest assured, every drop is pure enjoyment. Happy surfing.

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