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Quote of the day You have only one moment in your hands -the real moment. And you will not get this moment again. Either you live it or you leave it unlived. --Osho 
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Though we believe that every day is Valentine's day, but the official month of Febuary for Valentines is here.. Click here

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Why is the relationship special? Superstitions relating to Love and Wedding
Gift suggestions for the day The significance of colours
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These are some interesting stories which can be put into practise.
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Now you can play with the images of any personality as you wish.Create it...
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Extra Maritial affairs
Marriage in the twentieth Century Why do affair take place
The Other Woman-Myth or Reality When is an affair an Affair

Love Stories
Read all about how different lovers have started their never ending love story...

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   Beauty Tips
   Tip for preventing hair loss
The Power of Friendship
Everyone needs a friend
Meet Someone and Find your soulmate
Friendhip lasts forever

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Dating tips for Guys & Girls

Confess and lighten your heart you have taken the first step towards forgiveness by confessing...
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Write letter which will impress your love or even break their heart Submit your Love letter and win Prizes.If you have something better
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  How sensative are you as a lover.Click here
How to communicate about sex ?
Do you know how to Flirt

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The first kiss is like breaking the ice and then the best kiss follows

Can't express your love or propose & would like to do the same, will help you to do it ..

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