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History Of Dance

Temples were raised to house the Gods and became the focal point for the community. They also became centres of learning and contributed to the advancement of such arts as sculpture, painting, music and dance. Mostly built by Kings, who were also the patrons of arts, encouraging a continuity and enriching rituals of worship, the earliest basis of the classical performing arts.

It was from the temple that the Devadasi cult (Temple Dancers who performed for the Lord) began. Once a practice countrywide-the Kulvantalu in Andhra Pradesh, the Maibi in Manipur, the Devadasi in Tamil Nadu and the Mahari in Orissa, all trace their roots to the temple. The countless sculptures of dance poses in the temples, hint at the potency of dance as a path to spiritual exaltation and lays out a complete lexicon of dance techniques.

For instance, it is said that the greater part of the vocabulary of Odissi is preserved in stone.

A rich heritage to be brought alive by the artist.

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